7 Great Gifts for the Travel Enthusiast

by Courtney Obeirne

If you have travel enthusiasts in your life, then you are in luck because ROAM Luggage has created a list of essential gifts. These presents can sometimes be difficult to select, especially since experienced jet-setters like to pack items that can be used for multiple occasions. ROAM Luggage is here to help you navigate with 7 great options.


Shawl or Zip Up Jacket

When selecting gifts for people who travel, a fantastic option is a shawl for women or a zip-up jacket for men. Many experienced travelers, particularly women, make sure to fly with a shawl because it can act as a blanket for an overnight flight and then be repurposed another time throughout the duration of their trip as an accessory to their outfit. This is a small item which takes up minimal space in their luggage. There are multiple options to choose from when deciding on the perfect shawl - silk, lace, cashmere, etc. However, a favorite for travelers during the winter months is cashmere because it is warm for the plane ride, and adds an extra layer when walking around.


Men also need something comfortable and versatile for the array of business trips or exotic vacations they take throughout the year. A classic, high-end zip-up jacket is easy to throw into your ROAM Luggage and can be used in multiple situations: the plane, casual business meetings, and everyday sightseeing. This is the perfect gift for your friend that loves to be comfortable and stylish when traveling and wants to be a smart packer.

Loro Piana Cashmere-Blend St.Tropez Shawl available at bergdorfgoodman.com

Tom Ford Men's Leather-Trim Zip-Front Hoodie at bergdorfgoodman.com


Passport Wallet

Travel enthusiasts typically have their passport close by at all times. A passport wallet helps your adventurous friend stay stylish in all aspects of their travel but also keeps their essentials in one spot - passport, credit cards, ID, and money. Designers have created an array of passport wallets making them a must-have travel accessory.

Christian Louboutin Loubipass Passport Wallet available at barneys.com


Toiletry Bags

No one can have enough of these bags because you always need more room to fit in that extra Chanel bronzer or Gucci cologne. There are an array of options, and you can select a style based off your friend’s personality and style.

Gucci Medium Ophidia Toiletry Bag available at saksfifthavenue.com

Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Firenze Leather Toiletry Bag available at bergdorfgoodman.com



The perfect compliment to a medium check-in suitcase or a large check-in bag is a stylish backpack. These are perfect for both men and women can be both simple or trendy. If this is a business trip it not only can hold all your friend's documents and portfolios but also can hold their sound-canceling headphones or the latest edition of Vogue. Backpacks these days are far trendier than a briefcase or attaché, especially for men. Designers have begun to incorporate backpacks into nearly every collection, even overtaking the typical over the shoulder handbag for women. This is both a practical and highly fashionable gift for people who travel.

Prada Nylon Backpack with Graphic Appliqués available at bergdorfgoodman.com

Fashion Sneakers

Currently, athleisure has made waves on the runway and has become a staple of everyday wardrobes. Designers have begun to create over-the-top fashion sneakers to match this new need of high fashion. Thankfully, this latest trend makes traveling a lot more comfortable. No longer do your friends have to wear uncomfortable shoes on the plane, and they can now dress in comfort for their long day of travel. They can easily slip their sneakers off, in an easy manner, for the TSA lines if they don’t have Pre-Check or CLEAR. This latest trend has complimented travelers needs because it keeps them fashionable and trendy while maintaining comfort.

Givenchy Urban Knot Logo Band Leather Sneakers available at saksfifthavenue.com


Night Mask

A fantastic gift for people who travel is a night mask. On flights abroad it is important to sleep so that you are ready to start your day as soon as you land, whether this is for a business meeting or simply sightseeing. Many times sleeping on a flight is difficult because your neighbor has their reading light on or the flight attendants turn the cabin lights on to pass out drinks and food. A night mask allows the travel enthusiast to rest in style and comfort. They do not have to worry about the cheap and uncomfortable night masks that the plane provides. Instead, they can have a cashmere or silk fashionable night mask that adjusts to their head and does not fall off. This will allow your friend to have a peaceful flight, and be ready for the day to come when touching down abroad.

Chinti and Parker Star cashmere eye mask available at net-a-porter.com


Apple AirPods

The hottest technology currently on the market are Apple AirPods. These have overtaken the streets of New York City and Los Angeles as a status symbol to those wearing them, and they are the perfect gift for those who travel. This is a great gift for your friend who loves the latest tech gadgets and Apple products. These are not only perfect for watching your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu during the flight but are also great for working out at the hotel. AirPods easily fit into your pocket and make for a very light travel accessory.


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