CEO Sketches: What Do Colors Say About You?

There are a lot of factors that go into making a major purchase like luggage.  What is the most durable luggage?  Where is the best luggage online?  What about the most durable and lightweight?  Beyond function, luggage is also a form of self-expression, and the colors you choose will stay with you for many years to come.

Why You Should Customize

There are practical benefits to customizing your luggage, such as the ability to quickly identify your bag in a sea of generic, mostly black bags.  But there are deeper reasons beyond the practical.  Customization is really about individualism and freedom of expression, and most importantly, the pride that comes from creating something distinctive that will draw compliments.  

The Hidden Meaning of Colors

I am fascinated by the ways in which colors carry special meaning in different parts of the world.  To the Wayúu people of Colombia, the color red is the most sacred of all, symbolizing life itself.  In modern-day China, red continues to stand for good fortune and wealth, with people gifting money in small red envelopes during Chinese New Year.  In other parts of the world, red can stand for anger, passion, or danger.

In more recent times, personality tests have become popular ways of categorizing people into usually one of four primary buckets.  Each group is often given a color to represent their personality, such as red standing for strong-willed leaders, yellow for team players, blue for more calculated and rational thinkers, and green for extroverted people-lovers.

There is a whole science behind the meaning of colors, which is taught in art and design schools.  But the truth is, what matters most is how colors have personal meaning to you.  I went to a school with purple colors (go NU Wildcats!), and it's the only reason I own anything purple.  I also have a purple Northwestern license plate, purple flag and of course, giant purple foam hand for college football season.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to have some more purple-like options from ROAM in the future (hint).

For my first ROAM suitcase, I went with a combo of my favorite green and blue with some fun trim to make it pop.  On my first trip through the airport, I got compliments from strangers asking where I got my bag, which made me very happy!

Top Color Choices of ROAM Customers

What do your colors say about you?  At ROAM, we’re fascinated by people’s color choices and with millions of possible combinations, we see new ones every day. Just for fun, here is a map of the top color choices of ROAM customers for each state, using the main front and zipper color choices for pieces sold in 2022.

 US Map colors by state


Whatever your color, we hope you have as much fun making your ROAM products as the trips you bring them on.  Still need ideas?  Visit our Design Gallery for inspiration.  And don’t forget to send us your travel pics via TikTok or Instagram!


Peace and rainbows 🌈,