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    Choose from our pre-designed cases or select from countless combinations to fully customize your own.

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    The only premium suitcase customized by you and made in the USA.

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    The Jaunt


    The Jaunt XL


    The Journey


    The Globetrotter

    General Use

    Packing space and airline requirements

    Carry-On: Fits standard carry-on dimensions for all major US airlines.

    Carry-On: Offers extra packing capacity while still qualifying as an accepted carry-on on almost all domestic flights.

    Medium Checked Case: Get more out of your travel with an ultra-lightweight suitcase that won't tip the airport scale.

    Large Checked Case: Keep your luggage under maximum weight even on longer trips, thanks to our ultra-lightweight case design.



    22”h x 14”w x 9”d

    22”h x 15.75”w x 9”d

    25.5”h x 18”w x 10”d

    29.5”h x 20”w x 11”d



    5.8 lbs

    6.2 lbs

    7.9 lbs

    9 lbs

    Best Suited For

    Average trip length

    2-4 day trips: A compact case that's always ready to go— can hold up to 5 days worth of clothes, for the expert packer.

    3-6 day trips: A wider case design lets you pack 2 stacks of clothes side-by-side for added versatility.

    5-12 day trips: Depending on the season and your shoe wardrobe, this bag is perfect for most medium-length trips.

    10-18 day trips: Our most spacious suitcase lets you pack for weeks at a time, so you feel at home in any time zone.