The ROAM Travel Kit Collection

The ROAM Travel Kit Collection

A kit to fit every adventure. ROAM takes the travel kit to a whole new level. First, only ROAM lets you color-customize your kit of choice to coordinate with your other luggage to make a complete style statement when you travel. Next, each of our kits offers a unique size and set of features so you can pack all of your essentials the way that works best for you.

Whatever you need to bring along, ROAM will help keep you organized in high style.

Which Style is You?

What makes our travel kits different?

What are the ROAM colors?

Our exclusive color palette is designed to coordinate in virtually limitless combinations so you can ROAM your way.

What can I color-customize?

Travel Kit front panel
Front Panel
Travel Kit back panel
Back panel
Travel Kit Strap
Wrist Strap

(Flip-Flap Maxi only)

Monogram Patch

(Flip-Flap Collection only)