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The ROAM Card

A virtually perfect gift.


The Perfect Match

When Elizabeth & Zachary were recently planning their marriage, they decided to design ROAM luggage for both the wedding and their honeymoon. A couple that loves to express themselves and celebrate their point of view, they naturally loved the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind luggage that only ROAM offers.

We are so excited by their beautiful designs that we’ve decided to offer them to you. Distinctively modern, yet totally romantic, the collection is the first in our ongoing Roaming Spotlight series.

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Zachary is a professional travel blogger, actor, and deal hacker. Through his website and social media channels, he has taught millions of people how to effectively use their points and miles to luxuriously see the world.  

Elizabeth is an actor and director, best known for her work in the Marvel universe with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She has since gone on to star in Apple TV+'s new show “Suspicion” alongside Uma Thurman.

Elizabeth and Zachary are thrilled to partner with ROAM to express themselves via high quality, durable, and individualized luggage.

Elizabeth's IG: @lil_henstridge
Elizabeth's TikTok: @elizabeth_henstridge

Zachary's IG: @zacharyburrabel
Zachary's TikTok: @zacharyburrabel


A visit to ROAM

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