Get Ready To Roam

Congratulations PagerDuty Champions!

World-Class Carry-On Luggage

PagerDuty is excited to partner with Roam to celebrate your exceptional performance that earned you a spot at Champions Club this year. Roam is the only brand that builds world-class, handcrafted luggage in the USA, and allows you to customize your carry-on to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Get ready to create the perfect carry-on suitcase that you design yourself and reflects your personality; from the front to the back and from zipper to the trim.

Create your Custom Carry-On Luggage

You and your guest are each entitled to receive a complimentary Roam custom Carry-On Suitcase.

Design your Carry-On by clicking below.

Step 1: Pick the front, back, zipper, lining and trim colors; click into each section to see the colors offered for each section of the bag.
Step 2: Don’t forget to add a monogram!
Step 3: Once you’ve finished designing, click ‘Add to Cart’.
Step 4: Enter your Shipping and Billing Address – no payment will be required.

For International Champions Only:
While ROAM currently only ships directly to the US addresses, we have a work around to get you your custom bag. For our International Champions, when checking out, we will have you enter a specific US address (see below). One of our Champions Club team members will receive your bag and forward it onto you so it comes directly to your door.

When checking, out enter your name and the following address:
4002 SE Tibbetts Street
Portland, OR
Phone: 971-282-1433

Step 5: Click ‘Check out’

Next Steps

Await your luggage delivery! It should arrive within 2 weeks of placing your order.

For International orders, our Champions Club team will notify you when we have forwarded it along to your international address. 

Thank you for your impact on the organization and your embodiment of our core values.

If you have any issues receiving it, please reach out to