Not your off-the-rack backpack. What makes our backpacks different? ROAM re-invents the backpack to offer the ultimate combination of form and function. Design your own unique pack, combining colors to create a look that sets you apart from the crowd. Explore a range of sizes and special features to find the perfect match, so that you can ROAM in style.

Our backpacks are made entirely from recycled and eco-friendly materials so you can feel good as you ROAM responsibly. The entire collection offers exceptionally lightweight, yet durable, performance that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Which Style is You?

What Makes Our Backpacks Different?

Highlight of our backpack features

All features available on The Downtown, The Metropolitan and The Continental.

What are the ROAM colors?

Our exclusive color palette is designed to coordinate in virtually limitless combinations so you can ROAM your way.

What can I color-customize?

Front Panel
Back panel
Side panel