Why Roam

Peace of mind comes standard with every bag.

You have a lot of things to pack. Worries about your luggage shouldn't be one of them! Roam was founded by the same team that built TUMI to create the best travel products in the world, so you can roam around the world, worry-free.

What's more, only Roam lets to fully customize your bag so that every piece is designed by you, for you.

Step into a world where your luggage is as unique as you. Only Roam allows you to customize almost every detail, from the wheels and handles to the zippers and lining. Choose to make any design expandable or add a front pocket. With a dozen trim colors and 5 shell colors, there are literally millions of possibile combinations! Plus, each piece is meticulously hand-finished in the USA just for you and is a testament to our enduring focus on quality.

Your Style, Our Expertise

Carry-On: weight: 7.3 lbs

Engineered Excellence

Navigate the world with the confidence of our state-of-the-art engineering at your side. Many of our customers tell us that they had no idea how seriously amazing our 360-degree spinner wheels would be until they tried them. Every detail of the case is designed to work better than any other you have used before, from the sturdy handles to robust, water-tight zippers and a patented design that nestles effortlessly into overhead bins.

360-degree spinner wheels

Iconic and Trustworthy

Our customers usually like to design a case with a colorful zipper that stands out. We call this the "Roam racing stripe". It isn't just a symbol of elegance, but also of unwavering quality. Every stitch, every detail is engineered for durability and performance. Rain or shine, your belongings are nestled in security with features like our water-resistant zippers and elegant jacquard lining, crafted from 100% recycled materials. With a lifetime guarantee and 100-day trial, Roam is not just luggage; it's a companion tailored for your world, your adventures, and your stories.

Slate suitcase with blue trim
black suitcase with green trim
gray steel suitcase with red trim

Details Matter.


Starting at just 7.3 pounds, a Roam case feels effortless to move, but the hard shell means it's durable as well. Instead of a rectangle, we use a chamfered edge so our cases fit easily in overhead compartments. We also allow you to customize the front and back shell to the colors of your liking.


Having the right wheels is everything. Instead of dragging your luggage, you will watch it glide effortlessly next to you. Our ball-bearing wheels with 360° spin ensures your luggage moves comfortably with you, even on cobblestones.

Rear of a red case with black handle


Our handles stand out from the crowd, literally. With 4 different height settings, aircraft-grade aluminum and a protected internal shaft preventing handles from getting stuck, our handles are hard to beat. Plus the handles of all our luggage sizes stop at the same height from the ground, to make pulling multiple bags at the same time a cinch.

Picture of a monogrammed metal plate on the back of the suitcase


We never charge to have your initials on our monogram plate which also includes a pocket to store your contact information in case your bag is lost.



Our compression system allows you to pack more, and our 100% recycled lining is made with antimicrobial fabric to keep your clothes fresh. Or add our range of travel kits and organizers to keep your valuables in place.

closeup of the zipper on the case


Water-resistant, fast motion, and theft-resistant. Nothing ruins a vacation like a cheap zipper, so we didn't compromise.

Binding and Stitch

We stitch each case by hand with military-grade T210 thread and use a lock stitch technique which provides the equivalent strength of a 70 lb. fishing line. And with a stitch channel that allows the main thread to be completely recessed, the thread is protected to last longer.


What makes our TSA-approved lock better - is how well it rotates. Opening a Roam bag is quick and easy, because we use high quality cylinders that spin with the tip of your finger.