ROAMOwner's Guide

Welcome to ROAM. You have joined an elite group of travelers who demand the very best and love owning designs that express their unique point of view. Below, you will find everything you need to know in order to use and care for your ROAM luggage and accessories.

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    How To Set The Lock

    1. Turn the dial to 000 to open your luggage for the first time.
    2. Using a paper clip or something similar, press the RESET button until you hear a click.
    3. Set your new combination by turning the dials to three numbers of your choosing.
    4. Store your combination by sliding the LOCK button toward the dials until you hear another click.

    Your combination is now permanently set and stored.

    REMINDER: Make a note of your combination and keep it in a handy place. Without the combination, the lock will have to be forced open, necessitating a non-warranty repair.

    How to pack with the compression boards

    The dual compression board system increases capacity while holding everything in place, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of both packing compartments.

    1. Stack folded items together.
    2. Place bulkier and odd-shaped items (shoes, electronics, etc.) around the stacks.
    3. Buckle each compression board into place, pulling straps tight to keep items secure.
    4. Use the convenient pockets on each compression board for items you want to keep separate and easily accessible.

    How to clean your luggage

    ROAM luggage is designed to make travel easier in every way. Visit our detailed cleaning guide for more information.

    ROAMOwner's Insurance

    ROAM offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our luggage. This fully covers any noncosmetic damage for as long as you ROAM. You’ll find complete details here.


    We’re confident that your luggage will provide a lifetime of extraordinary (and stylish) performance. If you ever need to reach us, we’re always available by:

    T: 866-370-1436
    M-F (except holidays) 9-5 EST.