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The ROAM Card

A virtually perfect gift.

roam luggage red cases

Making great luggage is in our DNA.

With over 100 years of combined experience in ROAM's founding team, it is our expertise that separates us from the pack. When two of our founders created the TUMI brand, they were propelled by a desire to build the definitive best product in the world. And that quest for the extraordinary, that tireless pursuit of the next great thing, has always been what drives us.

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With an eye towards the future,

we noticed something developing: a shift. A new frontier to explore. We looked around and saw that a sea of matching luggage didn't feel that exciting anymore. We realized it didn't feel like…us. We found ourselves wanting to express our individuality in everything we do: what we wear, where we work, how we travel. And that includes our luggage.

So we created ROAM, the first brand that allows you to fully customize your suitcase to suit your personality, your life, and your signature style.

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What changed?

Not our commitment to world-class materials, nor our insistence on sweating the details that separate the phenomenal from the ordinary. Not our arsenal of luggage expertise that encompasses decades and spans continents. Here's what did change: Our materials got smarter, stronger. Our cases got lighter- so light that you can overpack and still not tip the airport scale. Most importantly, we shrugged off the limitations of the typical what-you-see-is-what-you-get suitcase, and created luggage that is only limited by what you can create.

ROAM invites you to design your own personalized set from scratch on our website, then we'll build it by hand and ship it to your house in as little as one day. We couldn't do that before. Nobody could do that before. But we can do it now, at our US facility, where every piece of ROAM luggage is crafted to your specifications under the watchful eye of one of our founders.