Rave Reviews for ROAM

Rare reviews for ROAM

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ROAM, the visionary company shaking up the luggage industry

Not only can you customize the front and back colors of the shell, you can also personalize lots of other details, including the zipper and even the wheels. All these choices mean there’s over a million possible combinations – which also means you’ll stand out from the travel herd with your own unique, singular style.

Perfect for long, cross-country vacations

Completely customizable from its outer shell to the zipper color, ROAM’s largest check-in size bag, The Expedition’s large size makes it perfect for long, cross-country vacations; the lightweight (10.3 pounds), water-repellent spinner suitcase has plenty of interior space and zip pockets to store smaller items, or anything you want kept separate from the main compartment.

Best hard-shell carry-on rolling luggage

ROAM lets you customize their lightweight hard-shell pieces in bright, eye-catching colors,” she says. “I recently purchased one with an ‘Arabian Purple’ back (it’s a subtle magenta), a ‘Pacific Blue’ front (a slightly brighter, cooler navy), and a ‘Metro Grey’ zipper.” Plus, you can have your initials monogrammed on the bag for no extra charge.

Best carry-on luggage of 2021

The ROAM Jaunt features a polycarbonate shell, ergonomic and adjustable handle, TSA-approved lock, water-repellent zipper and rolling wheels. There’s an interior compression system that the brand says makes packing more efficient. The carry-on has an average 4.5-star rating over more than 100 reviews.

We tested out ROAM, the totally customizable carry-on bag

ROAM is the first color customizable, direct-to-consumer luggage brand that lets you match your suitcase to your personal style. They help you leave the sea of boring black wheelies behind.

I traded my black luggage for this stylish customizable alternative

ROAM is the world’s first fully color-customizable, premium luggage brand, meaning it goes beyond monogramming your bag with your initials and tying a scarf around the handle — although of course, you can still do both those things. From the wheels to the zippers, every portion of the high-quality, lightweight design can be personalized to fit your taste. Aside from the obvious benefits (stylistic expression, standing out in a sea of black luggage, etc.) ROAM luggage is also engineered differently. Its smooth, ultra-quiet glide wheels and four-height telescope handle help to minimize side-to-side wiggle.

2 former Tumi executives launched a startup that lets you customize luggage

ROAM takes the lug out of luggage, and I don't just mean that in a kitschy way — even when filled to the brim, I could easily lift this bag over the subway turnstile, carry it up flights of stairs, and safely put it in the overhead bin on a flight.

ROAM is the world's first and only fully customizable premium luggage brand

ROAM sets itself part from the pack by offering fully customizable luggage in more than one million color combinations. Their rolling carry-on and check-in hardcases are made in the U.S. of virgin polycarbonate and shoppers can select specific colors for the front and back shell, zipper, stitching, wheel hubcaps, and other parts, to create a unique color-blocked suitcase that’s uniquely theirs.

ROAM, the best checked luggage of 2021

If you're looking for unique luggage that will stand out in baggage claim, look no further. Not only are ROAM's designs multi-colored, the brand even offers the option to make it uniquely yours in their own design studio. ROAM makes the best checked luggage of 2021 for that reason along with being light in weight, easy to wheel around, and extra secure with a locking system.

Rainbow-bright pieces will almost make you forget how little legroom you have

If you simply must have it your way, you can customize almost every part of this luggage, from the hubcaps to the zippers, in your choice of colors. These rainbow-bright pieces will almost make you forget just how little legroom you have.