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The ROAM Card

A virtually perfect gift.

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These Suitcases Are Completely Customizable

ROAM is officially my new favorite brand for hardside luggage. Here’s how to create yours.

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ROAM, The Visionary Company Shaking Up The Luggage Industry

Not only can you customize the front and back colors of the shell, you can also personalize lots of other details, including the zipper and even the wheels. All these choices mean there’s over a million possible combinations – which also means you’ll stand out from the travel herd with your own unique, singular style.

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For Smart Luggage, the End Is Nigh

ROAM is not one in a sea of “smart” bags, and there's not a battery in sight. Major airlines imposed a ban on batteries in the hold; all require batteries to be removed prior to the flight. With the rules, first imposed in January 2018, come stories of flustered passengers prying batteries loose with screwdrivers so they could slip them into their carry-ons while the suitcase was sent below or, being refused boarding because they couldn’t remove them.

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2 Former Tumi Executives Launched A Startup That Lets You Customize Luggage

ROAM takes the lug out of luggage, and I don't just mean that in a kitschy way — even when filled to the brim, I could easily lift this bag over the subway turnstile, carry it up flights of stairs, and safely put it in the overhead bin on a flight.

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Best Baggage In The Skies

Easy to maneuver and remarkably spacious considering its lightweight feel, the Globetrotter from ROAM is a must-have for over-packers. The interior lining of the suitcase is washable, and there is plenty (seriously, plenty) of room. This is an ideal hard shell suitcase for the traveler in need of a little extra space.

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ROAM Is The Ultimate When It Comes To Personalized Luggage

The brand's suitcases cover a broad range of sizes and color customizations. Not to mention each suitcase is crafted out of a lightweight, 100% virgin polycarbonate shell with a built-in TSA-approved lock and ball-bearing wheels.

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Best Carry-On Luggage

For the fashionista, ROAM's Jaunt Carry-On is a showstopper in more ways than one with Hinomoto wheels–arguably the highest quality wheels in the luggage industry and made with ball bearings to ensure an ultra-smooth ride. And ROAM leaves the colors of the bag to you. They're completely customizable.

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Hard Shell Luggage You Won't Be Scared To Check

Founded by two former Tumi execs in 2018, ROAM has quickly established itself as a competitor thanks to the quality of its designs—scratch-resistant shells, super-smooth wheels, and sturdy handles molded to your grip. There are almost never-ending options for customization, meaning you can mix and match everything from the wheels to the zipper.

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The World’s First Fully Customizable Luggage Is Here To Make Your Trips More Colorful

Never get lost in the monochromatic luggage abyss again. We’ve all experienced the terror of surveying piles of indistinguishable cases, hoping by some miraculous twist of fate you’ll spot yours. ROAM changes that with the world’s first customizable premium suitcases with the possibility to create over 1 million colorful combinations.

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These Rainbow-Bright Pieces Will Almost Make You Forget How Little Legroom You Have

If you simply must have it your way, you can customize almost every part of this luggage, from the hubcaps to the zippers, in your choice of colors. These rainbow-bright pieces will almost make you forget just how little legroom you have.

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Look Out, Rimowa! These 5 Luggage Upstarts Are Making Premium Suitcases for Less

“With the customization going on in the accessories world, from Nike to Gucci, we realized that nobody does made-to-order luggage in the US, so why not do that and why not make that our big differentiator,” explains ROAM's CEO Larry Lein.

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Travel Gear That Looks Good And Works Even Better

Looking for more color and customization? ROAM lets you pick out different luggage components, from zippers to hubcap colors, and even offers a free three-letter monogram. Go wild!

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Here's Proof We're Living In The Golden Age Of Suitcases

“Our cases are all made here in the United States, which allows us to keep a close eye on quality,” ROAM CEO Larry Lein says. “Rather than investing in tech updates, like built-in phone chargers, we’ve poured our efforts into our supply chain.”

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16 Honeymoon Essentials To Buy Before Your Romantic Escape

Grown-up luggage you can personalize: it's time to monogram those new initials!

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ROAM Is The World’s First And Only Fully Customizable Pemium Luggage Brand

The luggage is super lightweight and ultra durable, with smooth-gliding wheels and a comfortable handle. And because each bag is customized by you, no two suitcases will be alike. Tip: choose a different shade for each side for a cool, color-block concept. The bags are manufactured by hand and made to order at ROAM’s production workshop in the USA.

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I Traded My Black Luggage For This Stylish Customizable Alternative

ROAM is the world’s first fully color-customizable, premium luggage brand, meaning it goes beyond monogramming your bag with your initials and tying a scarf around the handle — although of course, you can still do both those things. From the wheels to the zippers, every portion of the high-quality, lightweight design can be personalized to fit your taste. Aside from the obvious benefits (stylistic expression, standing out in a sea of black luggage, etc.) ROAM luggage is also engineered differently. Its smooth, ultra-quiet glide wheels and four-height telescope handle help to minimize side-to-side wiggle.

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Our Top 5 Carry-On Suitcases

Let's get this out of the way: we're obsessed with ROAM. Not only can you fully customize your luggage, choosing the color of everything from the outer case to the wheels and zipper, but everything is handcrafted and made to order, then sent to you within ten business days or less. And it's made of 100% virgin polycarbonate with smooth-rolling Hinomoto ball bearing wheels. ROAM will also give you a 100-day risk-free trial to make sure you love it.

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The Weekly Covet: Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts

This luggage brand lets you completely customize everything-from the shell and the wheels, to the handle and even the zipper. I love the idea of customizing a carry on as a Mother's Day gift. It adds a personal touch to an otherwise ordinary present.

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Roam Luggage Opens Shop In Bloomingdale’s 59th St.

ROAM luggage is opening its first brick-and-mortar location and it’s nestled inside the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship in Manhattan on the 7th floor. The shop will feature the brand’s complete line of luggage in four different sizes and will allow customers to design their own pieces by choosing the color, zipper pulls, wheels and other details. The line is manufactured in the U.S., offers a 100-day trial and carries a lifetime warranty.

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This Luxury Luggage Brand Lets You Design The Suitcase Of Your Dreams

While there's no shortage of smart and stylish suitcases in the skies these days, one thing missing from the luxury luggage market has been a brand that allows customers to design a suitcase online-think Nike's robust customization suite, but for luggage-and have it delivered right to their door. That changes with ROAM, the first fully customizable, direct-to-consumer luggage brand.

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The Latest Travel Companions To Get Carried Away With

These US-made suitcases are constructed from lightweight and sturdy polycarbonate, ensuring that your chosen style is powerful not just in personality, but in strength.

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This Custom Luggage Comapny Offers More Than 1 Million Color Combinations

Travelers will want to turn their attention to ROAM, a direct-to-consumer line of hardshell luggage that promises near-infinite customization at exceedingly affordable prices.

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For the Creative, ROAM Offers Over 1 Million Color Combinations For Your Suitcase

The bright-colored suitcases are dent- and scratch-resistant and lightweight—clocking in at just 6.6 pounds. They also come with a lock, pockets for laundry, a water-resistant lining, and 100-day trial period.

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What’s The Best Rolling Luggage?

Most luggage only comes in navy, silver, and black,” says Travel + Leisure editor-in-chief Jacqui Gifford. The brighter offerings of ROAM, the “first premium, customizable luggage,” appealed to Gifford, who wanted something a bit more unique. “ROAM lets you customize their lightweight hard-shell pieces in bright, eye-catching colors.”

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Travel Accessories That Will Change the Way You Pack

I loved this suitcase. It’s very lightweight, rolls like a breeze, and I easily fit a week’s worth of clothes for both myself and my boyfriend (granted, we pack light, but there was space leftover — it holds a lot). It closed easily and had a really convenient and easy-to-use lock built into the zipper.

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This Luggage Company Allows You to Design Your Own Bag

The color is saturated all the way through the shell, so the inherent scratches of traveling won’t be nearly as noticeable, and the scratch-resistant, nano-coating adds an extra layer of protection.

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5 Ways to Customize Your Style

You become your own designer, starting by choosing from one of the four available luggage sizes. Then select your favorite color for the shell casing (eight options for front, eight for the back), as well as the color of your trim (eleven options), and other creative options including…monogram! Perfect to pass on to future generations, these one-of-a-kind travel buddies are keepers.

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ROAM: Fully Customizable Travel Luggage

A customer can pick from literally over a million color combinations to make the luggage set truly their own. Not only is this simply fun, but it can also make identifying your luggage at the airport much easier than if you were to have an un-customized luggage set. With ROAM being a high-quality brand, customers can also be sure that their luggage sets will be built with both fashion and durability in mind.

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First Online Customizable Luggage

Founded by two former Tumi executives, ROAM launches as the first luggage brand introducing a level of made-to-order, online personalization previously unseen, allowing travelers to customize their luggage so they never get lost amongst the procession of me-too designs popping out onto the airport carousel.

This New Custom Handmade Luggage Is #TravelGoals

Spotting your suitcase among dozens of look-a-likes on the airport carousel is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to travel companies offering design-minded luggage collections that stand out from the unremarkable. The latest in the lineup, ROAM, puts the reins in your hands, offering sleek suitcases with customizable features. To start, the company's site allows you to choose one of four models, from carry on to large checked size. Then the real fun begins…

Roam Luggage Lets You Customize Everything Down to the Stitching.

We've all been there. After strategically packing a week's worth of things into a carry-on, you're forced to check it at the gate-and once you're finally at the baggage carousel, you realize half your flight has the same sleek, impossible-to-spot, navy suitcase. Not ideal. While we don't have a solution for the first problem, we do have one for the latter. Enter Roam, a new company that hails itself has the first fully customizable luggage brand.

Fodor's Expert Luggage Reviews: The Jaunt by ROAM

From the get-go, the ROAM's "The Jaunt" carry on feels superlight-almost suspiciously so at 6.6 pounds empty. But flimsy it is not-I returned home with barely a ding in its polycarbonate shell, no small feat for a suitcase that rode 6 planes, a bullet train, and probably 50 subways. Public transportation is the way to travel in Korea, but it comes with sidewalk bumps, moving escalators, and general interaction with the public en masse. The ROAM case came away from bellboys, taxi drivers, and flight attendants without a scratch…

Here's more proof that we're living in the golden age of suitcases.

A few years ago, if you wanted a well-made suitcase that could survive years of travel, you would have to drop a lot on luxury brands like RIMOWA or Tumi. But now, direct-to-consumer startups are selling similar quality luggage at a third of the price. A new brand called ROAM joins their ranks. It's the brainchild of Charlie Clifford, who founded Tumi in 1975 and served as its CEO. He joined forces with Larry Lein, Tumi's EVP, to launch a startup that makes high-end suitcases with plenty of modern twists.

Don’t bother with cheap luggage that falls apart — check out your best carry-on options

Tired of the same-old, solid-color luggage choices? ROAM invites customers to design their own personalized suitcases and carry-ons — with endless color combinations — on its easy-to-use website. The made-to-order cases, with lightweight polycarbonate shells, are shipped to customers as quickly as next business day.

These (Very Stylish) Carry Ons Make Traveling So Much Easier

If you like a bag you can have some fun with, look to ROAM. You can customize the detail colors on any one of its four cases, making for a bag that's just yours.

Today in Gear: Better Bike Tires, a Smart New Travel Bag and More.

I've been using a ROAM carry-on for recent travels, and I'm quite satisfied. The case is super lightweight but flexible, and the interior compartments feature maxed-out dimensions and pockets for all manner of clothing and gear. I went with a rather loud blue-with-orange-details look, so mine certainly stands out in a crowd, and I've received many a compliment. It's a great case that rolls smoothly and does the trick for a short jaunt.

ROAM Boasts Smart Customization of Its Polycarbonate Shell

In an effort to produce a lineup of more diversified designs for travel cases, ROAM launched its first online personalized luggage service that offers a "level of made-to-order [customization] previously unseen" in the industry. Consumers are invited to style their ROAM polycarbonate shells to match their personalities and preferences through a wide selection of colors. Taking the service of personalized luggage one step further, ROAM offers a monogram patch as well.

This New Line of Customizable Luggage Offers Over 1 Million Color Combinations.

We've long been fans of Tumi's iconic luggage, but you pay handsomely for the privilege of owning it. Now, several of the company's top brass have gone rogue to launch their own affordable premium luggage brand. The result is ROAM the most customizable luggage on the market…

This Customizable, High-Strength Luggage Brand Was Founded by Former Tumi Execs

Like winter coats on a New York City subway train, it seems that 99 percent of rolling suitcases are all black everything. No matter if they're nylon or poly, cheap or sturdy, the blend-in colorway is completely ubiquitous on luggage. ROAM, a luggage brand that launched today, was founded, among many others, by a couple Tumi veterans - folks who absolutely know their way around the suitcase world. The main hook here is that each case - four sizes, from carry on to "large check" - features a boatload of customizable components…

ROAM Lets You Fully Customize Your Suitcase — Or Rely On Some of Its Well-Designed Suggestions

It’s challenging to find another suitcase on the market that has the type of striking and well-designed colorization and customization (both in variety and user experience) that ROAM offers. If you want your luggage to match you in the highest sense of the word, this is your best option....