Build Your Own Carry-On Luggage

Stand out from the pack. Roam is the only brand that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind design that expresses your personal style. Every Roam case is individually assembled by hand in the USA using the world’s finest components.

Size Guide

carry on icon


22h x 14.25w x 9d
2-5 day journeys
7.3 lbs

37% more space

22h x 14.25w x 11d
3-7 day journeys
7.6 lbs

Nests in the Check-In and
Large Check-In

large carry on

Large Carry-On

22h x 16.25w x 9d
3-7 day journeys
7.7 lbs

45% more space

22h x 16.25w x 11d
6-10 day journeys
7.9 lbs

Nests in the Large Check-In

check in icon


26h x 17.5w x 10.5d
7-18 day journeys
9.3 lbs

43% more space

26h x 17.5w x 12.5d
10-20 day journeys
9.6 lbs

Nests in the Large Check-In

large check in

Large Check-In

30h x 19.5w x 11d
7-21 day journeys
10.6 lbs

35% more space

30h x 19.5w x 13d
10-24 day journeys
10.9 lbs

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