Garden Collection - Take 20% Off

Discover Roam's Garden Limited Collection: a harmonious blend of travel and nature. Our iconic Venetian Green shell, inspired by serene gardens, is gracefully paired with hues of Carolina Lilac, Como Blue, Cornwall Slate, and Glasgow Gray. Embrace the beauty of the garden every time you journey, across all four of our meticulously crafted luggage sizes.

Size Guide

carry on icon


22h x 14.25w x 9d
2-5 day journeys
7.3 lbs

37% more space

22h x 14.25w x 11d
3-7 day journeys
7.6 lbs

Nests in the Check-In and
Large Check-In

large carry on

Large Carry-On

22h x 16.25w x 9d
3-7 day journeys
7.7 lbs

45% more space

22h x 16.25w x 11d
6-10 day journeys
7.9 lbs

Nests in the Large Check-In

check in icon


26h x 17.5w x 10.5d
7-18 day journeys
9.3 lbs

43% more space

26h x 17.5w x 12.5d
10-20 day journeys
9.6 lbs

Nests in the Large Check-In

large check in

Large Check-In

30h x 19.5w x 11d
7-21 day journeys
10.6 lbs

35% more space

30h x 19.5w x 13d
10-24 day journeys
10.9 lbs

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