ROAM to the Galápagos with Lindblad


You’ve booked passage for the adventure of a lifetime aboard National Geographic Islander II. Now let’s get you started on selecting your perfect traveling companion. Your first piece of ROAM luggage, our Carry-On, is included as part of your Lindblad-National Geographic experience.
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In addition to your complementary bag, ROAM offers you the chance to complete your luggage ensemble with 10% off each additional piece you purchase. Use code GALAPAGOS at checkout.

You Colors

ROAM offers the opportunity to effortlessly create a design that is as unique as your destination. You can select the color for each component of your luggage, all of which are constructed from the finest materials available in the world. Once you create your design, your luggage with be crafted by hand by American artisans at our factory in Vidalia, Georgia, then delivered to you.

You Style

Designing your ROAM luggage is a great way to prepare for your trip and get the fun started right away. If you’d like some inspiration, we invite you to visit our design gallery, here. If you fall in love with one of our designs, you can select it as is, or make some alterations. It’s up to you. ROAM is all about expressing your own style.

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