Introducing The ROAMers

To launch the brand, we teamed up with ROAMers from all backgrounds, inviting them to design a case and show us how they ROAM. These inspiring individuals came together from different backgrounds with travel profiles including business travel, luxury escapes, weekend jaunts and nomadic journeys. You’ll see how these unique individuals designed their cases to suit their personality, style and travel needs. You might find the inspiration to design your own!

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Vernon, Vice Chancellor at Hope College of Zambia

Vernon went to school for international development and for the past 13 years has been developing schools and teaching in third-world countries. He loves to travel, learn languages and see the world. He's been moving throughout South America and Africa, planning and building schools — doing work he loves.

"When I ROAM throughout the world, I see the innovative and diverse ways education is done. This helps me learn how to build the best schools around the world."

To match his casual-yet-professional style, Vernon designed a Large Check-In Globetrotter in Safari Green with Tahitian Sand trim and Citrus Yellow zipper and pulls. If you like his look, choose two complementing neutrals and one vibrant accent color.

Design Yours
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Jessica, Founder & CEO of I'll Go First

Jessica grew up in a home where abuse and mental illness were the norm. She's seen first-hand how devastating this type of trauma can be. After a life-changing trip to India in search of her biological family, she dedicated her life to supporting those in need of mental health and trauma recovery care. "Scaling reach for even more people to have access to this type of healing requires all of us to think outside of the box. Now, more than ever, technology allows us to do so — to reach anyone anywhere with the tools and the resources to support their healing and their futures."

"To me, ROAMing is all about sharing experiences and values to make the world a smaller place."

Jessica went bold and designed a Jaunt Carry-On with Arabian Purple and Pacific Blue shells, Pacific Blue binding and Citrus Yellow zipper and hubcaps. Try contrasting the front and back shell like she did for instant personality.

Design Yours
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Nadeesha, Fashion Illustrator

Nadeesha has drawn for as long as she can remember. Watching an Andy Warhol documentary in college inspired her to move to New York and pursue a career as an illustrator. Travel is crucial to her and influences her work tremendously.

"ROAMing, to me, is to explore, to go with the flow, to experience and to be in the moment."

Nadeesha translated her fashionable instincts into a stylish case. She designed a Jaunt XL Wide-Body Carry-On with duotone Pitch Black and Tahitian Sand shells, Metro Gray trim and Bright Orange zipper, pull, hubcaps and monogram patch.

Design Yours
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Nick, Architectural Sales

Nick is a lifelong traveler who has travelled all over the world, and he has a family background in design. He is now combining his passions for travel and textiles as an international businessman who works with architects and designers worldwide to develop floor and wall coverings for large commercial projects.

“To me, ROAMing means mobility and flexibility. It means choosing my own path. When I am on the road, my luggage is my partner — I rely on it totally and need to know that it will perform. It also has to always look great because it often accompanies me into meetings in view of the most critical design eyes on earth. When they admire my ROAM Luggage, I love to tell them that I designed it!”

To accomplish this polished and professional look, Nick designed a Jaunt Carry-On with Pacific Blue shells, Metro Gray trim and Pitch Black zipper pulls. If this is your style, stick with neutrals for the trim and a classic color for the shell.

Design Yours