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    Vernon, Vice Chancellor at Hope College of Zambia

    Vernon has been teaching for the past 13 years and went to school for international development. He loves to travel, learn languages and see the world. He's been moving throughout South America and Africa planning and building schools - doing work that he loves.

    "When I ROAM throughout the world I see the innovative and diverse ways education is done. This helps me learn how to build the best schools around the world."

    Vernon designed a Large Check Globetrotter in Safari Green with Tahitian Sand trim and hubcaps and Citrus zipper and pulls.

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    Jessica, Founder & CEO of I'll Go First

    Jessica grew up in a home where abuse and mental illness were the norm. She's seen first hand how devastating this type of trauma can be. After a life changing trip to India in search of her biological family, she dedicated her life to supporting those in need of mental health and trauma recovery care. "Scaling reach for even more people to have access to this type of healing requires all of us to think outside of the box. Now, more than ever, technology allows us to do so - to reach anyone anywhere with the tools and the resources to support their healing and their futures."

    "To me, ROAMing is all about sharing experiences and values to make the world a smaller place."

    Jessica designed a Jaunt Carry-on with purple and blue shells with blue binding and yellow zipper and hubcaps.

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    Nadeesha, Fashion Illustrator

    Nadeesha has drawn for as long as she remembers, but watching an Andy Warhol documentary in college inspired her to move to New York, and pursue illustration as a career. Travel is crucial to her and influences her work tremendously.

    "ROAM, to me, is to explore, to go with the flow, to experience and to be in the moment."

    Nadeesha designed a Jaunt XL Wide-body Carry-on with duotone black and cream shells, grey trim and orange zipper, pull, hubcaps and monogram patch.

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    Nick, Architectural Sales

    Nick travels to conferences in many different cities and work with architects and designers worldwide.

    "To me, ROAMing means freedom. It means mobility and flexibility. It means choosing your own path."

    Nick designed a Jaunt Carry-on with all gray trim and black zipper pulls.

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