5 Tips for Choosing the Carry-On Right For You

1. Pick a size that is appropriate for your travel plans.

It is important to buy carry-on luggage that will not cause you headaches during boarding. You need a carry on that meets the size regulations for major airlines. If you are not sure what size regulations the airline you are traveling on enforces, be sure to check out our Carry-on Luggage Size Chart. If you tend to travel domestically and internationally, The Carry On by Roam is a wonderful option. The Carry On measures 22”h x 14”w x 9”d which meets carry-on requirements for all major US airlines and many international airlines. If you are looking for a little more room to bring back necessary vacation purchases, The Large Carry On will give you the space you need and qualifies as an accepted carry-on on almost all domestic flights.

2. Stick to wheels for smooth walks down the jet bridge.

Keep in mind that when you get to the airport, you may have to walk a long way to your gate. Skip the strap and avoid shoulder pain - buy carry-on luggage with wheels. Some carry-on luggage features two wheels while others feature four. Four-wheel luggage has gained popularity in the past few years since it never falls over and can conveniently be pulled at your side. Luckily, all carry-on luggage from Roam features four best-in-class ball bearing wheels for hassle-free travel. Why not make your next trip more convenient for you?

3. Choose a color that pops!

There is no reason to purchase a typical black carry-on that can be mistaken as someone else’s luggage when you can buy carry-on luggage in your favorite colors. Roam allows you to customize every part of your carry-on bag. You can customize the front shell, zipper, wheel hubcaps - the list goes on and on - with a variety of colors. Plus, Roam case shells are made in the US from 100% virgin polycarbonate that’s completely saturated with pigment, so the colors will never scratch off. If you are looking for even more customization, you can have the carry-on monogrammed with your initials. With a custom, colorful bag you will always be traveling in style and will never misplace your bag again.

4. Buy a carry-on that will keep your belongings safe.

Every carry-on bag needs to be protected from theft. Basic luggage locks can be easily removed from bags, plus you have to worry about keeping track of the key. It is important to buy locks that are part of the original construction of a carry-on so it cannot be easily removed or tampered with. Roam has solved all of your safety concerns with the fully integrated TSA-approved lock featured on all of their carry-on luggage. When you buy carry-on luggage from Roam, you receive a built-in lock that can be customized with a three-digit combination of your choosing. Every traveler needs a bag that keeps their belongings safe and built-in locks are the best option.  

5. Invest in the high quality carry-on you want and need.

Luggage is an investment. No one wants to go out and have to buy new luggage every year. You should invest in a bag that you know will last you years to come. You need to buy carry-on luggage that will keep up with all of your business trips and more importantly, your travel bug. When you purchase your next carry-on bag, make sure it meets all of your needs. Also, it is helpful to buy carry-on luggage with a warranty to guarantee your satisfaction for years to come. Roam luggage comes with an Unlimited 5-Year Warranty so no matter what beautiful vacation destination you are traveling to next, Roam has you covered.


BONUS TIP: Customize Your Luggage

Looking for a suitcase to match your personality? Customize your own only at ROAM Luggage. We offer 4 sizes: The Carry OnThe Large Carry On, The Check In, and The Large Check In.