7 Things to Consider When Buying New Luggage

Buying new luggage may seem daunting. Often there are an overwhelming amount of different styles, sizes, colors, and materials to choose from. Luckily, Roam Luggage has come up with 7 tips for buying luggage that should make your next purchase hassle-free.



One of the first things that you should consider when buying luggage is the size you are looking for. Each traveler requires a different size depending on the types and lengths of trips they are taking. If you are going on relatively short trips and consider yourself an efficient packer, Carry On or Large Carry On is a great option. The Large Carry On gives an extra two inches of room for longer trips. Both of these luggage sizes qualify as an accepted carry-on on almost all domestic flights. On the other hand, if you are looking to pack more than a week’s worth of clothing for a longer trip, check out The Check In or The Large Check In. Both suitcases will be able to accommodate all of your travel necessities while still leaving room for more. Overall, identifying what luggage size you will need for your travel plans is one of Roam’s most important tips for buying luggage.


Another vital tip for buying luggage is to look at how much your luggage weighs when empty. Travelers want to maximize the amount they can pack in their suitcases. If your luggage weighs a lot empty, you will not be able to pack as much as you like since your suitcase is already taking up a significant portion of the weight regulations for flights. Additionally, it is quite irritating to have to lug around a heavy suitcase when you know the material your suitcase is made of is making it heavy, not the items you packed. It is important to buy a durable, lightweight suitcase to maximize the amount you may pack. The case’s from Roam Luggage offer superior durability, but are several pounds lighter than most other cases making them a fabulous choice for your next suitcase.  




Continuing on with our tips for buying luggage, Roam believes that color is everything. Having bright colored, fun luggage is a must for every elite traveler. Not only will you be traveling in style, but it is almost guaranteed that someone will never mistakenly take your luggage again. When you think about how many black bags there are at the airport, why wouldn’t you want a colorful suitcase? You could go to the store and buy a suitcase that is just one color, or you could take your suitcase to the next level of luxury customization with Roam luggage. Roam offers full customization with 7 options to customize the Front Shell, Back Shell, Zipper, Zipper Binding, Wheel Hubcaps, Carry Handle, and Monogram Patch on Back Shell. The possibilities for customization are endless. Check out the page for customization inspiration here!



Despite luggage looking great on the outside it is important to understand what it is made of. You want luggage that is durable and will last for many many travel years to come. One of the best materials luggage can be made of is a polycarbonate shell. A polycarbonate shell is strong, tough, and will last the test of time. All suitcases from Roam are made of a 100% virgin Polycarbonate shell created in the USA. Not only is this shell great because it is lightweight and durable, it is also completely saturated with pigment, so the colors on your Roam luggage will never scratch off. The details of Roam are also created with the finest materials. All suitcases include the industry's finest quality water repellent zipper as well as water-resistant, washable lining fabric. If you are looking for luggage made of best sturdy materials available check out what Roam luggage has to offer.



One tip for buying luggage that you cannot miss is buying luggage with wheels. There is nothing more difficult than lugging a heavy bag through the airport on your shoulder having to constantly stop because of back pain. Wheels make it easy for smooth walks down the jet bridge and walks down new city streets with your luggage. Roam luggage offers best-in-class Hinomoto ball bearing wheels. The ball bearings reduce friction and deliver an ultra-smooth ride no matter what surface you are roaming on. When you go to invest in luggage check out all of the top quality wheel bearing suitcases available at Roam.


Brand and Warranties

Out of all of the tips for buying luggage we cannot stress enough the importance of brand and warranties. When purchasing luggage, it is important to know you are buying from a reliable brand that will have your back if any of your luggage breaks or gets damaged. Everyone knows that when you are traveling it is likely your bag will get tousled around during transit. All Roam suitcases are backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, which covers any non-cosmetic damage that your case might incur, even if it’s from aggressive baggage handlers or a passing truck. When you are investing in luggage, make sure you go with a brand with warranties and customer service you deserve.


Coordinated Style

Our final tip for buying luggage is to always travel in coordinated style. What we mean by coordinated style is buying a set of luggage that matches your style. There are so many possibilities for how to coordinate your luggage style with Roam luggage. You can purchase The Carry On, The Large Carry On, The Check In, and The Large Check In all with the same customized features or you can vary one feature per suitcase to give a coordinated, yet distinguished look. You could also invest in the same customization for each member of your family, so when you all take a flight for your next getaway you are easily able to find your luggage and, more importantly, you will be traveling in style. Roam luggage is the perfect company to buy luggage from if you are looking for that unique, necessary coordinated travel style.