Top 10 Tips for Packing Light

Overpacking can leave you feeling overwhelmed because you may have too many options for the allotted amount of time, and it can lead to baggage fees at the airport. In order to avoid this habit, and feeling stressed when packing, Roam Luggage has come up with 10 packing light tips to make sure you have a fun and relaxing trip while staying realistic with your fashion.

Packing List:

A packing list is a great way to stay organized and ensures that you take the proper amount of clothing for your trip. A list allows you to map out exactly what you need for your vacation, in terms of outfits, before going away and even before packing. When creating the list, make sure you keep track of how many nights you are there for, when you are going to the beach, when you are sightseeing, etc. This way you can plan your outfits beforehand, and cross everything off of your list, ensuring that your luggage isn’t filled with miscellaneous clothes that will not be worn on vacation.


Create two piles when packing:

A packing light tip that ensures you will not bring extra clothes on the trip is by creating two piles when packing - pile one is only for items that you must bring on the trip and pile two is what you would like to bring, but is not necessary. By creating two piles this allows you to stop and think about what you actually need for the trip rather than what you really want to bring. This packing light tip will help you decipher the necessities for the trip, and will leave you extra space in your Roam Luggage for your shopping.


Pack a Limited Amount of Shoes:

The staple to any outfit is always shoes. This accessory brings your entire outfit together, but unfortunately shoes also take up the most space in your Roam luggage. Because of this problem, a great packing light tip is to think about what type of trip you are going on before you leave, and to pack shoes accordingly. For example, you can never go wrong with one pair of sneakers for working out, one pair of casual shoes, and one pair of dress shoes. This should cover anything that may spontaneously come up on your trip.  And while you're at it, don't forgot to pack some shoe bags to keep those dirty shoes from touching your clean clothes. 

Versatile Pieces:

Another great packing light tip is picking out versatile pieces. In other words, select items that you can wear more than once, but that also look great for multiple outfits and occasions. For example, a large scarf will keep you warm on the plane ride and can be worn as an accessory when sightseeing. Another great option is bringing a muted sweater or shirt (think gray, black or beige) that can go with multiple outfits for many different occasions. Bringing basics is a great way to keep your Roam luggage light, and is an easy way to keep outfits looking fresh with bringing a minimal amount of clothes since basics can go with a nice pair of jeans or with a funky Prada skirt.

Packing Pods:

A new gem that has recently taken off are packing pods or packing cubes. This packing light tip is sure to keep you organized and efficient, particularly for long trips. Typically a set of packing cubes comes with a set of six cubes labeled - tops, bottoms, lingerie, shoes, laundry, and miscellaneous items. If you limit your packing to the cubes, it will give you the peace of mind, that you are not overpacking. Each cube holds a fair amount of clothing, but stop individuals from packing their extra Givenchy t-shirts. As an added bonus, packing pods keep your Roam luggage extremely organized, which is helpful for longer trips.

Buy there:

A great way to pack your Roam luggage lightly is by buying products on your trip, particularly toiletries. Toiletries can take up a lot of space in your bag because they are generally very bulky, and we tend to pack too many. A great packing light tip is to buy toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunscreen, etc. once you arrive at your destination. Often you can purchase interesting products abroad that may not be available in the US. Another great way to pack light is by taking advantage of the hair products given at the hotel. Hotels like the Waldorf Astoria and the Ritz Carlton provide the best products on the market, therefore allowing you to save some space. 

Compact Hair Tools:

A great packing light tip for the frequent traveler is to buy travel size hair tools like hair dryers and straighteners. These two items are extremely large, weigh down your luggage, and take up a majority of the space. Therefore, buying compact hair dryers and other hair tools means that you will not have to part with your favorite necessity, and you won’t have to use the hotel's unequipped hair dryers.

Passport Wallet:

A passport wallet gives you the ease of storing multiple items like money, plane tickets, and passports, in one secure location. Many designers have begun to create these passport wallets to maintain a luxurious traveling experience all while traveling in a lighter style. The passport wallet allows for frequent travelers to keep all of their absolute necessities in a central location for the entirety of the trip, leaving you with a hassle free vacation.

Toiletry bag for in-flight necessities:

A great packing light tip is to have a small toiletry bag for your Roam luggage carry-on or handbag. This should include your wallet (or passport wallet), chargers, AirPods, and any other small necessities that are needed for the plane. Packing these items in a toiletry bag allows you to stay organized for the flight, but also helps you limit the number of items that you pack in your carry on.

iPad over a laptop:

When packing for an extended trip, or even a long-weekend business trip, every amount of space in your Roam luggage is precious. A great way to pack light is by opting to bring your iPad over your laptop. While this may seem like a small suggestion, the amount of space that this change makes in your carry-on is astronomical. Not only is an iPad smaller than your laptop, but it is also lighter and easier to carry. If you are worried about not having a keyboard, opt for an iPad case that doubles as a keyboard, this way your iPad can function as a laptop while taking up minimal space in your carry-on. A bonus is that you can bring one charger for both your iPhone and iPad.


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