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Get started with some designs we love. Here you’ll find a collection designed by our team, some of our celebrity friends and customers like yourself. Choose one that you love and either buy it instantly or customize the colors to add your own special touch.

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Elizabeth & Zachary's ROAM Wedding Collection

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Leading Travel Influencer

Travel With Talia

"Absolutely love that you can customize your ROAM Luggage as you like. I love the pastel tones because they remind me of spring and flowers and this is why I chose light blues, pinks and grey!"

Woman on bridget looking out over channel with her suitcase
Hollande style
Talia's "Hollande"

Leading Travel Blogger

Fiorella Visits Farnello

"I designed my ROAM piece with the idea of having a one-of-a-kind bag. I've never seen another look even remotely close to mine and I love being able to spot it in the baggage claim from a mile away! Every time I travel I get comments on how unique it is."

Woman walking on cobbled stone streets with suitcase
Toscana style
Fiorella's "Toscana"

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