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Close-up of top of ROAM brand hard-sided luggage in maroon and blue with a combination lock and vibrant yellow zipper.

Discover Different Types of Luggage with ROAM

Everyone travels differently. From last-minute weekend getaways to months-long bucket-list trips, your luggage needs change with your plans. To make sure you'll have all the gear your journey requires without any dead weight, you'll want to select the right type of luggage...

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TSA Liquids Rules in Carry-On Luggage

There's so much to worry about when you're traveling. From keeping your belongings safe to finding the right gate to packing everything you need in the proper size bag, flying can seem downright daunting anymore...

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Back of a slim man with wavy brown hair wearing a navy suit and holding a suitcase looking at the airport security line.

The Carry-On Luggage Size Guide from ROAM

If you haven't flown in a while, you might be a bit apprehensive. On top of long lines and confusion at security screenings, you've got to deal with storing your car, finding your gate well before your time of departure and keeping track of all your gear. The last thing you want to do is check a bag at the gate because it's too large for the airline's regulations...

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Size Matters: Luggage Size Guide from ROAM

What makes some luggage welcome in an airplane cabin while others are relegated to the checked baggage compartment? To put it simply, size matters....

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Airline Size Guide for Checked Luggage

It seems the restrictions for carry-on luggage get stricter and stricter every day. If your bag is too big or too heavy, you may have to check it at the gate - and that can get really expensive.Luckily, most airlines still allow one checked bag without additional fees. But they still put a lot of restrictions on the size, weight and contents of your checked luggage...

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